Since 2011
Mew Tew's Refuge Cat Rescue has been trying to find loving homes for kitties of all sizes, colors, and ages for over seven years now.

Our Goal

Find great homes for - all - our kitties




We hope to reduce our currently high numbers to a manageable level and increase adoption rates so that we can open our doors to more kitties in need. Our goal is to be able to be there when we are needed for people, their pets, and the stray cats who need a good home. Ideally, we want to reach the point that we can foster the cats who will soon be put down at the local pounds until we can adopt them out to new homes. In this way, we can give as many cats as possible a good life and a high quality of care.
We also want to educate people on how to properly provide and take care of their pets in order to reduce the spread of disease and overpopulation. We have information regarding low cost clinics that will be than happy to work with pet owners in making their loved ones healthy and happy.
In order for us to reach these goals, we need as much support as possible from the community. Please like and share our Facebook page so that we can help spread the word and find these loving kitties good homes.

7141 Keiber Cir.
Youngstown, FL 32466